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PHOTOS: Art Teleported New York City Recap

I planned to feature my piece Ta-Ta For Now (No. 001) at the Art Teleported pop-up show this year in Brooklyn.

Unfortunately, I discovered upon arrival that the neon installation had been utterly crushed during shipment.

Somehow, the only part of the installation not destroyed or damaged in some way was the neon heart piece, which was still alive. Still beating.

I gave an artist’s talk (titled IRL: Ta-Ta For Now) on the piece the very next morning. As you can imagine, the content of my presentation had to be altered impromptu.

It was not what I had planned to speak about, but the meaning behind my work was still the same, if not strengthened by its disaster. I can definitely say the same for myself after going through this experience.

I; as a person, as an artist and much like my little blue heart, am unbreakable.

Below are select photos from the group show of other artist’s work:

You can find the names of participating artists listed here.


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