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This "moving" retrofuturistic LED installation (complete with a sound component), is intended to be a visual depiction of the time.

Time, Space & Outer Space

LED and Acrylic installation
30" x 30"
DePaul Art Museum

Time constraints and limits us, yet we can't actually see it. Because I can't see it, I associated time with change and movement. Time, Space & Outer Space took inspiration from Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and David Bowie's otherwordly Ziggy Stardust character. The installation is part of the DePaul Art Museum's permanent collection.

The video footage below contains the sound component Time, Space & Sound which accompanied the LED installation. The sound piece is 1 minute and 20 seconds long and took an almost unrecognizable 7 seconds from David Bowie's Space Oddity demo. The completed component took inspiration from 1950/60's Hollywood sci-fi sounds.

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